Starting a new job can be a very stressful time, especially your first real job. Week one therefore is crucial, you want to start building your personal brand as quickly as possible and show people that you’re here to do the best you can. Here are my top tips to ace your first few weeks…

  • Introduce yourself to people – it’s so important to get to know all the people you’ll be working with and even those outside your team. You don’t know starting out who is going to be your life saviour one day when you can’t work the printer! So play nice, mingle and network as much as you can because people form opinions about you very quickly.
  • Ask lots of questions – the worst thing you can do in your first week is just nod along to everything that’s said and act like you know what you’re doing. Companies that take on interns expect – hopefully – that you are not experts and will be asking lots of questions so make sure you do. If you’re in a meeting try to jot them down as you go otherwise you’ll never remember.
  • Embrace the company culture – every company is completely different in terms of culture and style of working, by talking to people you’ll suss quickly how relaxed the company is about start times, dress code, home-working etc. They’ll have chosen you because they think you fit the culture so just, at least to start with, try and mimic these things based on the rest of the people you’re with.
  • Stay well rested and eat whenever you can – the main thing you’ll be in your first week, is tired. Going from waking up at 12pm for a lecture and then having another nap before pre drinks to doing a full 9-5 is tough. Continuous snacking – when appropriate – is probably the best approach, and breakfast is key!