Every student dreads the day they have to return to the nest, the thought of moving back in with your parents might just be enough motivation to get a job! Here’s my top tips for keeping yourselves occupied over the long break.

  1. Start a blog – this is the option that I have gone for in my brief two weeks of boredom between exams finishing and placement starting. As a marketing student there is a real emphasis on creating a “personal brand” that you can draw upon in interviews and work. Creating a blog provides a platform for you to express yourself and often potential employers will want to see your content creating capabilities!
  2. Look into getting a summer internship/work experience – even if it’s just for a week or two, having some kind of work experience under your belt looks proactive on your CV. If you already have a network you can reach out to that’s great but if not websites like RateMyPlacement post options from lots of great companies
  3. Travel – if you’re lucky enough to have some funds saved away, treat yourself! You never know what kind of inspiration you will find in the midst of some ancient ruins or lying by the beach. If you don’t have the cash for a big break then maybe try a UK city break, a spa day in London or a festival in Leeds, whatever your forte the UK has plenty to offer.
  4. Make a plan and stick to it – the main problem I find in the summer is that there is a lack of routine which essentially screws your sleeping pattern for three months. Adding something into your day like going for a run in the morning or eating out at lunch creates a timetable. Whatever it is try and find something to give you that get up and go attitude.
  5. Clear out your clutter – no one wants to do this job, ever. But if there was ever a time to do it summer is that time! Even if you don’t want to throw things away at least put your winter clothes away in storage, you’ll thank yourself when it comes to packing for Uni again and you have half the amount of stuff to take.